Duracell optimum 200 alkaline battery aa lr6 8 unit

Duracell optimum 200 alkaline battery aa lr6 8 unit

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Duracell Plus AA alkaline batteries are ideal for powering all your everyday devices.

Duracell's most revolutionary innovation to date. The new Duracell Optimum alkaline battery features a new cathode system that can deliver up to 200% longer life or more power, allowing you to get the best performance from your devices. Duracell Optimum will outlast previous Duracell alkaline batteries in a wide variety of medium to high wattage devices.

Unused Duracell batteries can maintain power for up to 10 years when stored at room temperature.

These batteries are recommended by Duracell for everyday devices such as digital cameras, photo flashes, toys or wireless speakers, and are of course ideal for commonly used devices such as flashlights, handheld game controllers, razors, toothbrushes. teeth and many others.


  • Brand: Duracell
  • Type: AA LR6
  • Technology: Alkaline
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Innovative Packaging: optimal storage for new and used batteries

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